Thank you for visiting Home Educator’s Family Times. This is a place for folks who I like to call “Educational Entrepreneurs” – people who have broken out of –or just broken — the mold of traditional education. You might call yourself a homeschooler, an unschooler, a roadschooler, a travelschooler, a funschooler … or maybe you just want to ditch the labels and be a family living and learning and enjoying life together! Whoever you are, welcome! I’ve been on this journey for almost four decades first with my own children, then adventuring alongside many, many families (in a variety of ways), then with my grandchildren. Each individual, each parent, each child, each family and each adventure is unique. Uniquely mine. Uniquely yours. But, no matter what, I do know that life  — yours and mine — was created to be a joy!

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